A cover letter is very important. If the academic performance of the student a little less than that declared by the institution of higher education, the selection committee usually looks at the motivation letter of the applicant in order to determine whether he or she has interests, experience and skills that will help him/her to successfully trained on this course, despite of the low grades.

In most cases, applicants do not pass the interview for admission to the university, and therefore the motivation letter to university is often the only possibility of a selection committee to provide additional arguments to prove that you are worth this place in the school or university.

Many students start writing essays in a foreign university without finding the most important and unique personal responses to essay questions, which makes the essay boring and sometimes mediocre. Many works have a lot of repeating that has been said before. Bright start and convincing conclusion rarely appear in the versions of the work of our students.

Motivation letter reveals your plans and goals

In the last paragraph you should clearly describe the benefits that you get from achieving the desired goal. The more persuasive you will make this paragraph, the better your chances to attract attention of the committee. You can list your particular achievements that might be helpful toward achieving the aims in the university.

Motivation letter should end with gratitude to the reader for their time and to radiate optimism, which should leave a good and strong impression of reading to the reader.

Example: I am sincerely grateful to you for your time, and with great optimism will expect an invitation for an interview and a personal meeting.

Remember, the cover letter should not contain mistakes and be too complex or has long words. It should serve as your ads. Therefore, be sure to review the general recommendations for the compilation of motivational letter before sending it in the university.

Do not copy-paste

Motivation letter should be written independently. All work of students pass the test on the similarity revealing essays copied from a single source. Resist the temptation to copy someone else’s material or personal application (download from the Internet). If any part of the cover letter is defined as copied, Service Admission of universities and colleges (UCAS) inform the institutions in which the candidate comes. The university or college will make an appropriate decision.

About the Author: Kate Morgan is a blogger. She writes reviews for magazines in the U.S.A.

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