If you attend a language course, visa can be got in the year in Bochum. If the student began his studies at the university, visa is given a maximum of two years in this town. But it all depends on factors such as the financing of stay, insurance and passport validity. Then periodically you have to renew the visa. And many things depend on the goodwill of the staff of the Office for Foreigners, which process documents of students.

“At first, my visa was in charge of the woman, who was quite strict in the duties and she opens me a visa each time only for nine months. It takes a long period of time to process the documents, I had to go to the agency almost every six months – says a former student at the Cologne Higher School of Julia. – Then, it was replaced by another employee. On the first visit, he extended my visa once for two years, without asking any further questions.”

Changes or deferral – difficulties with visa

The queues in the hallways and unpredictable officials are not the only obstacles. In order to successfully extend the visa, you need to consider a number of nuances. Office for Foreigners wants to know everything about the educational progress of students. “The first request we send to the university between the fifth and seventh semesters, and then every two years. – But if a student or graduate students have the opportunity to get into the dean’s office a certificate stating that he is able to complete their training in the time it is better to take this document with you when you go to renew the visa.”

Ten years is given to stay in Germany for educational purposes. Undergraduate students must complete their studies in about eight semesters. Masters – five semesters. Foreigners have additional three semesters, taking into account the need to adapt and learn the language. If you decide to change profession, it is possible that there may be difficulties. Ideally, it is better to do in the first 18 months. The student can easily move to similar specialty. More questions will be, if he decided to completely change the direction of, for example, studied medicine and then applied for Romance philology, but in this case, the staff department of Immigration show their loyalty.

About the Author: Patric Lock is a professional in auditing. He works as an auditor at the agency in NY.

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