In assessing the inspection, especially, pay attention to how much you can do to follow thought, is there a structure in the response. The oral part, the applicant should try the role of the student in a particular situation. That is, for example, he needs to tell the classmate about his country, or to ask teacher a question about a certain topic. And in this case you need to know how to contact with the other party. Examiners assess vocabulary and pronunciation. Therefore it is better to speak loudly and clearly pronounce the words.

On what topics are normally texts chosen for reading and listening?

In the examination of the “Reading” the texts are usually about household, socio-political and scientific topics (often the sphere of sociology, humanities and natural sciences). But the paramount criterion for such texts – that they were clear with no professional knowledge. The audition is dominated by themes related to education and student life. It can be an interview with an expert on a particular specialty or extracts from the report of the expert.

If a person has a certificate of TestDaF, but he got it a long time ago, if he needed to pass the exam again?

The certificate has no expiration date; it can be used many years after the exam. One simply has to ask himself whether he still speak the German language at this level. If not, it is definitely better to pass TestDaF again. But it also happens that the university or other institutions require a new certificate.

Is it possible to appeal if you do not agree with the results of the exam?

Yes, you can. Within four weeks after the announcement of the results, participants may file an appeal on our website. It is necessary to specify which of the evaluation of exam parts he did not agree. Double-check costs EUR 30 and EUR 10 for each additional part. After some time, the participant receives a letter with the results of cross-checking – mostly all right and very rarely it happens that we really made a mistake. If it happens, the person gets back the money for double-check. And, of course, he is given a new certificate.

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