With the two most popular undergraduate areas to be journalism and communications in USA over the last year, it`s no wonder that the percentage of students willing to attend the respective programs is further increasing. Mass media, public relations, ads and marketing are the major focuses the communication programs accentuate, as supplemented by many secondary though no less important ones. Hence, it`s not surprising why more and more students opt for online bachelor`s in communication, the three ‘too’ considered: too popular skills to acquire under favorable ‘homey’ conditions; too many applicants per one daytime program place; and too obvious a difference in the program fees, the online ones definitely winning.

Communication online: which courses to choose

As part of their online communication programs, the US universities offer the following courses to choose from:

  • Fundamentals of communications
  • Conflict management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Influence on the society and power of persuasion
  • Research in communication
  • Digital media tools
  • Mass media

The core topics typically covered within the courses include intercultural and organizational communication, public speaking and mass media writing, as well as power of persuasion. As a complement, students are offered research and analysis (whatever communication-related issues), culture and ethics, media legislation, and digital media. As part of ancillary disciplines, students are provided with the opportunity to learn, for example, the mechanisms triggered for the newest technologies to be most effectively used in communications. Or, for example, it can be the web design fundamentals, or computer graphics and multimedia developments. How to arrange for promotion campaigns is one more ancillary though tremendously important thing students can perceive during online communication courses. Highly relevant under our today`s reality is the crisis communication – the business and public relations built in-between the crisis stages.

Communication-related jobs and remunerations

The online communication undergraduates may pursue quite a range of occupations in the areas of ads, marketing, PR, promotion campaigns, journalism and editing, to name a few. They can be engaged with the education and government segments, get involved in non-profit career or find a place in the social protection and health care sectors.
The job market for true communication experts is very competitive today in USA. The better the background and internship, the more successful the job hunting. You may apply for the average annual salaries like a reporter with USD 39.000, technical writer with USD 70.000, PR expert with USD 78.000, fundraising manager with USD 100.000, marketing manager with USD 112.000. Certainly, the rates may vary depending on the business scale and your credentials.

To learn more about the communication programs online, apply to any of the universities in your state: most of those having to do with journalism and communications provide for online undergraduate programs. Detailed curricula can be found on their websites or via direct contacting the university board. Don`t lose your chance to study under a flexible schedule and enjoy lower program fees.

About the author: Mary Page, an online program expert, writes short distance learning overviews, mainly in the most sought-after disciplines. Mary has a degree in Mass Media & Society and has been continuously improving her relevant skills via special-purpose events and the publications she provides for a selection of resources. Mary likes active pastime and traveling, and she is a keen animal care volunteer.

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