Size of the semester fee for all students of the same university is the same. It does not take into account income and financial situation of students. Some universities, such as the Technische Universität Ilmenau, make the difference between first-year students, and the students, who continue their education (the contribution is somewhat smaller), between those who changed the profession within the university, and the students, who had come “from outside”. Depending on the institution, this amount ranges from 50-300 euros. So, in the summer semester of 2015 at the Graduate School of Stralsund it was 55 euros, the University of Bayreuth – 88 euros, and the University of Hamburg – 300 euros.

In some cities, students of state universities pay a fee in the same amount, for example, in Munich – 111 euros per semester.

There is no difference between fees depends on the geographical location of the university or the size of it. There is a difference due to a range of services that are covered by the fee.

Benefits for students

As a rule, most of the amount is the cost of a student ticket (Semesterticket), allowing use of public transport within the city, and often between cities within the region and even the whole of the federal land. In some universities, students have the opportunity to refuse to pay for the travel and thereby reduce the amount of the semester fee. The privilege is not valid for travel during the holidays. There are universities where travel is not included in the mandatory fee, but students must pay full price for transport.

In addition, the fund, which sent semester fees, paid administrative services, including, for example, the documentation and the issuance of student tickets (whether in the form of a small piece of paper or an e-card), as well as the work of the Society of assistance to students of universities (Studentenwerk ). A certain portion of the cost falls on the organization, such as a student or student parliament committee AStA. They deal with university policy, defend the interests of the students and conduct consultations on topics related to their studies.

The semester fee partially covers the cost of the work of university canteen and sports clubs, language courses and cultural programs. And another advantage: the semester fee includes insurance services for students from injuries.

About the Author: Hanna Vert is a blogger. She works at the university press. She can write on different topics.

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