The tests and interviews? Improvisation and role-playing games! Entrance examinations in German universities are becoming more original. We tell how an applicant can become a student.

Documents collected – you can send them to college and wait for the response of the selection committee. That is what usually admission to a German university looks. However, there are exceptions: to select students from the worthiest candidates, some universities are no more satisfied with the original check.

In general, especially in German universities testes are divided into two types: those which take by all comers, and those for which admission is limited (pharmacy, medicine, law and other specialties that fall into the group Numerus Clausus).

In the second case, an applicant has to be nervous while awaiting a decision on admission. Usually it depends on the average score in the certificate of school education. For foreigners – the assessment of the final examination in a German college preparatory training or marks obtained in the universities of the country and at school. The higher the average score, the greater the chance to be among the freshmen.

At the same time schools have the right to establish an additional selection criteria. And while some just take into account, for example, participation in competitions, other serious applicants pass the test.

Verification of aptitude

“I do not want the jelly!” – shouts a woman in a wheelchair and tilts the plate. A doctor: dessert on the floor, how now to feed the wayward patient? After thinking a bit, he goes for the second portion. Stop! Enough!

A young man comes out, wondering how he was convincing in the role of the doctor. Patient is a middle-aged actress. The members of the selection committee make notes in the papers. Examination in acting? Here, it is not. This is a test for applicants of medical school at the University of Hamburg. There is no need to speak with the help of scientific terms for Commission and show the deep of your knowledge. It is not necessarily at all. Such a performance show those students, who are able to politely and patiently to communicate with patients, and who has nothing to do in this profession. The Commission has seen thousands of acting spectacles on this situation.

About the Author: Mary-Kay Loyer is a student. She works as a writer at the different freelance sites.

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