The first thing to be done for the student after his arrival in Germany is to extend the visa. We explain how to do it on time and without difficulties.

Student visa is the basis for the stay in Germany with the aim of studying. What a student should consider before and after it is received?

The requirements of the visa department

Office for Foreigners (Ausländeramtili Ausländerbehörde) is well known to all students who come to study at a German university. It is here that they have to renew the visa to remain in the country. The main requirement for a student visa is a certificate of admission to study at a German university.

And the university can be both public and private, but with the state accreditation. In addition, the student must prove that he has enough funds for living. For example, it is possible to produce an income statement of parents, financial guarantee or statement with bank account, which should be around 8,000 euros. And, of course, you need a certificate on the conclusion of health insurance.

Make an appointment!

As a rule, first the student receives a visa for three months in the German Embassy. After arrival in Germany a residence should be extended. “Within a week, the student is required to register the place of residence. In the immigration authorities, he, in fact, cannot handle, until his visa expired. However, I would advise not to wait and see the work of ministry,” – says Katya Drava, an employee of the department dealing with the extension of visas, Bochum Office of Immigration.

In Bochum, for example, visitors are taken by appointment (Termin). If you decide to come spontaneously, you may be sent home. Make an appointment in advance by e-mail, briefly explaining the situation and specifying the validity of the visa. In some cities, there is a special form on the city website. We have to wait in line from two weeks and longer. In some cities, according to the Drava, it comes to three months. So the sooner you start to deal with this issue, the more chances to extend the visa on time. Beforehand you should understand where to go. It happens that the functions are divided between departments, if the student lives in the village, you can register here, and for a visa will have to submit to the district center.

About the Author: Bobby Urtun is a blogger and student. He investigates different family issues.

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