Why should you learn English by Skype with personal teacher:

  1. Qualified teachers. You should not fear that you will be given a teacher with no experience or professional education. Any online English school values ​​its reputation, because it is so easy to lose it. It is become dangerous to provide poor services because of appearance of sites with reviews: it is possible to lose all of its customers.
  2. You urgently need to prepare for a job interview in English? In online school you will quickly pick up suitable teacher who specializes in business English or preparing for an interview.
  3. Individual approach. The teacher selects the appropriate pace of learning for each student, based on their needs.
  4. Practice when you are ready for it and where it is convenient. You will discuss suitable schedule with the teacher in advance. Your classes will not be interrupted if you go away on holiday or a business trip. Computer and internet are everywhere, nothing prevents learning. If you have a modem, you can learn at the cottage in the village and even on the beach.

Individual learning of language

However, this method of learning foreign languages has its downsides. Problems with connection can interfere with your studies. Unfortunately, providers don’t always approach to their work responsibly. And technology can fail at the most inopportune moment. Fortunately, when there are problems with connection during the lesson at some online schools you can ask to pass the lesson when it will be improved.

We have all the conditions to learn independently. You can learn language online: watch video, listen to audio lessons, read the news, etc. It’s fun, useful and completely free. Self-learning of language has its advantages:

  1. You have the ability to adapt lessons completely to your needs. You can practice at any time using any convenient way. Larks will appreciate the lessons at 6 am, and owls – night chat with a cup of coffee. Visuals will like to read literary adaptation and watch exciting videos. Those who like audios can listen to the songs in foreign language and download audio lessons.
  2. You choose your own pace, intensity of training, determine which topics to focus on. If you know how to set goals and approach them, learning will be successful.
  3. Free is the magic word. Individual learning will save significant amount of money.

About the author: Evan Kilroy is interested in technologies, education and sports. He likes books reading, horror movies and camping.

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