Only a small number of students of German universities receives scholarships, although support programs are everywhere. The main obstacle is the lack of information. The new portal overcomes this problem.

Student in Germany spends an average of 800 euros a month – to pay the rent, insurance, telephone calls and clothes. At the same time, according to the research institute Allensbach Forschungsinstitut, two-thirds of the students are faced with financial problems during their studies. Many rely on the support of parents or part time job. Paradoxically, only 3 per cent of students are turning to scholarship programs. Meanwhile, at the moment in Germany, more than a thousand of such funds of support.

Student Mira Maier counted 240 scholarships. At the same time, every fifth fund does not get the participants into their programs. “Someone does not dare to apply for a scholarship, because he thinks that it is only for the most talented and at the same time, the urgent need of money. One simply cannot cope with the difficulties of the search,” – 27 year-old graduate of the graduate school of the University of Witten-Herdecke explains the “unpopularity” of scholarships.

She had to spend a lot of days to find the right scholarship for writing the master’s work. “I was interested in a small, little-known funds of support. It was not easy to do,” – says Mayer. Then she came to the idea to establish the Internet platform to search for scholarships

Her initiative was supported by many well-known politicians and public figures. In 2012, the project was marked by several awards – in the “Germany – Land of Ideas” (Deutschland Land der Ideen) and the “Pearl of High school” (Hochschulperle). The fact that Meyer recognized students’ needs shows the number of visitors to the portal: about 50 thousand per month.

Criteria of success is the most extensive database of German scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students of German universities at different stages of learning. Scholarships can be found here, and the one who is going to do an internship abroad or spend a semester on exchange at a foreign university.

Using portal is absolutely free. The main requirement is knowledge of the German language. Optimum selection provides a specially developed algorithm. The user must fill in a questionnaire and give a profile. The more information he places, the more chances to find a suitable scholarship.

About the Author: Ron Mert is a writer. He has his own blog. He writes about different educational issues.

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