The most important thing is motivation. After a brief story about yourself, you must put “a motivational unit” in which you tell why addressed to a particular company, fund or institution. You must show that you are familiar with the activities of the organization and it is interesting to you.

For example, if you send an application for a scholarship in any socio-political foundation, the organizers have the right to expect an active position in life from you, interest in politics and in public life. In turn, employers, provides a place for interns, expect them to have the appropriate knowledge and skills that can be used and developed during an internship at the company.

Most foundations prefer those candidates, who after training intend to return home and use the knowledge and skills for the benefit of society.

Common Errors

The cover letter is a priority for the Commission. With a large number of applications it is possible that, when seeing blunders in the motivational letter of the candidate, the committee members will not even read his resume, not to mention the invitation to the interview. Attention is drawn to the following aspects:

  • What is important is the appearance of the letters. Good print quality, and the absence of a signature blots – mandatory conditions. The sender’s address and the recipient of the letter should be given in full form, without mistakes. If the contact person is named a specific person, the letter should be issued in his name, including all academic degrees and titles;
  • Motivation letter should have a clear structure, should provide the paragraphs should not be used in the text of different fonts and colors. Grammatical mistakes and typos are unlikely produce a positive impression on the commission, but they say about your illiteracy or carelessness;
  • Pay attention to style. When writing a cover letter to the German company you should not use spoken language and its literary version (Hochdeutsch);
  • Motivation letter should be prepared separately for each organization. It should contain information that is important for this particular case. Thus you will be able to demonstrate that the documents prepared for filing at this particular fund, institution or company and you are familiar with their activities;

About the Author: Marry-Anna Beckls is a student-blogger. She writes a lot of the articles about the secrets of the university admission.


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