When applying to a German university, the application for a scholarship or a place on the list of trainee often required document such as cover letter. How to make it?

Whether it is an application for a scholarship or getting practice – motivation letter (Motivationsschreiben / Letter of Motivation) is one of the first documents which refer to the Commission, which considers your application. In some cases, a letter of motivation is the need for admission to a German university. Most often an art or “young” areas in universities  require it, such as “European Studies” or “Cultural Engineering”.

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Typically, the organization to which, among other documents, provided a motivational letter, placed on its website. It has the special forms or instructions for the preparation of the document. This greatly simplifies the task for the applicants. If no data on the preparation of a cover letter, you should follow the standard scheme. About it – more.

The motivation letter must fit into one A4 page, a maximum is two. Remember that in Germany they like a clear statement of ideas and specifics, so you should avoid common phrases on the principle of “I love German culture and I want to get to know it better.” It is not recommended to repeat and the information that is already in your resume. It is better to talk about the education and professional experience relevant to the organization to which you are applying.

For submitting the application to the German university you should talk about the academic biography: where studied, where and how long held practice for some specialized topics and the specific plan to do during the upcoming training. When applying for a completely new and creative specialties, it is recommended to focus on your own interests, to talk about what you care about, spheres of life to the greatest extent and so on.

When it comes to getting a scholarship, it is important to tell how your previous academic, professional or social activity was associated with the work of the fund, and indicate how you will be useful to the organization later.

It is also important to answer the question of where you plan to continue the activities in Germany or in the other countries. In some formal questionnaires when applying for a scholarship, even a special paragraph concerning return.

About the Author: Lora Titly is a writer, whose articles are published in her own blog. She likes to make student’s life easier with the help of her academic articles.

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