A lot of students dream about studying at universities somewhere in the United States. Of course, their main goal is to get more knowledge there, as it is cool to be educated and well-informed in all spheres of life. In spite of it, all we know that after work comes an unbelievable rest.

What is life like on a university campus in the USA? It is very interesting question. If you are interested in it, just read this article till the end. You will love it, trust me.

If you are a student in the United States, apart from the process of studying you will be involved in volcanic social life. Socialization together with your study will be an essential part of your student life there. While your being a student and living in a campus you will meet a really huge amount of different people, they can be your friend, best friends, your sweetheart or even your colleagues and partners in business in the future. Students from the whole world comes to America to their study. So, it is also very useful for you to get on well with them. You can learn a lot of interesting information about lifestyle in their native country, their customs, traditions and so on. It is a good experience to broaden your outlook. By the way, it is in favour of your self-development.

To feel all the pleasure of student`s life, you should be involved in various on-campus activities. There is an enormous number of them: different clubs, organizations, sport teams, academic, music groups etc. There are a lot of concerts, sport games, festivals there. You just have to be active to not to miss these all events.

All universities offer you campuses to live in. Usually they are out of the city, not in the city center. All campuses are very comfortable and modern. They are provided with all necessary things for students. I mean for their living, environmental, socialization and rest. In case you do not want to stay in a campus, there is a solution. Universities provide their students with apartment buildings near a certain university. Also, there is a chance to live with a host family, if you are lucky.

Have you ever heard about Student Service department? American universities have such a service with a student center. Such centers always organize different fairs, concerts, festivals, sport games, competitions. They also offer a huge range of sport, fitness facilities, libraries, games rooms, different social activities. All USA universities have an international centers for students from other countries. Everything is done on student`s benefit, you see.

Don’t worry to be different from others, you will always find someone who is like you. I am about religion now. Most of American universities have religious groups with different faiths. You will always know how to get to place where you can pray. Your faith will not be laughed at in any case.

There is a number of other on-campus activities. Among them visiting museums, exhibitions, live music concerts, different meetings, parties, performances. You can surely choose something according to your tastes and likings. You can join a club where people have and share as ideas, aims, hobbies as you.

There are a lot of activities that can attract you. I am dead sure you won`t be bored here, in the United States. Welcome!

About the author: Lucy Minoue, a 3 years old student in a Yale University, USA. Lucy is a member of a Student center in her educational establishment. Also she is a cheerleader of a famous university football club. Lucy is very active student, she writes articles to university magazine. She is also keen on playing the guitar.


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