Knowledge of German and English is one of the conditions for studying in Germany. What certificates are recognized by universities in Germany and where you can pass a language exam?

Knowledge of German and / or English (depending on the chosen specialty) are one of the main requirements of the German universities for foreign applicants. And a certificate of language courses (in Germany or at home) is not enough. German Universities need to provide a proof of successful passing a language examination. We have prepared an overview of the main certificates and language diplomas that are recognized by higher education institutions in Germany.

DSH – exam at the university

DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) translates as “the German language exam for admission to study at the university.” Certificate is recognized almost in all universities. But, for example, the University of Stuttgart declined from this practice. Therefore, in any case, you must re-check the information on the websites of universities to start preparing for the exam.

DSH is held directly in the universities, and it is constituted by teachers of each university. “This examination is carried out, taking into account specialization of the university and scientific environment characteristic of language,” – said in an interview Thomas Boehm, ​​representative of the department in charge of recognition and comparison of academic qualifications to the Conference of Rectors of Germany.

Although employees of the university are responsible the substantive content of the exam DSH, shape, usually is the same everywhere: it consists of four or five parts, which test the skills of written and spoken language. By passing this exam, students admitted owning the German language at level C1 of the European Language Portfolio. The other universities are advised to visit the training courses that last from four weeks to two semesters and can cost from 200 to 800 euros.

Often the lists of requirements for linguistic knowledge can see the notation “DSH-2” and “DSH-3”, while meaning the percentage of correct answers in the exam (67 or 82 per cent, respectively). For example, only those, who passed the “DSH-3, can enter some universities in the specialty “medicine” or “psychology”.

DSH Examination fee varies depending on the university and can be from 100 to 150 euros. Examples of exam papers can be found on the sites of services for foreigners almost every university.

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