The effectiveness of the role-playing games in order to test the students has a doubt. The marks are nothing without the ability to find common ground with the patient’s. “However, it is difficult to verify whether the students, who have passed such a test, will learn better” – said Professor of the University of Hamburg, Wolfgang Hampe.

“For many years in Germany there is a discussion about whether the average score can be the main criterion for admission. Many are convinced that it is impossible to judge whether the applicant’s qualities necessary for the chosen specialty. To fill this gap enrollment schools can take into account additional factors, “- explained in an interview Bernhard Scheer, employee – all-German service that centrally distributes educational space.

In any case, applicants from overseas may be quiet: they do not have to take acting lessons. For people from other countries (not members of the European Union), German universities are reserved some places (even without such transformations). As a rule, the quota is 8-10 percent of the total number of training places.

Acting and other talents

There is a difference with the entrance exams at the Art – director, design, animation and other. Admission to them is limited, but, unlike most “normal” areas of study, they do not particularly look at good grades in the certificate. To enroll, German students and foreigners have hit the admissions office with their talents.

Future actors need to prepare several monologues. Some colleges have a list of required works. Future musicians have to play on the instrument (usually at least three compositions, preferably of different genres and eras).

The artistic disciplines have their own requirements. For example, in the High School of Design in Offenbach, you must first send a portfolio with the works. The best candidates are invited to the exam – with pencils, scissors and glue.

“The first task was to draw a box with bottles of mineral water, which is placed in front of us. Second – make three sheets of a bridge. The third – for half an hour to come up with as many new ways of transporting the water box,” – says a student of the university. After that, student has an interview, during which they test the reliability of the bridge of the paper.

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