Professionals teach in the college, it focuses on applied skills, so college graduates are ready to get to work – and that is exactly what employers like. The College strives to create world-class graduates in the economy – it is the official goal of the university.

College students have the direct access to the methodology and the skills that are most valued by employers. The famous Irish hospitality will make you feel like at home. Were created to reflect the needs of Irish and international students, the college combines fresh thinking, a variety of modern and flexible training options for educational programs at very affordable prices.

Academic Programs

Educationally-qualifying “Bachelor” levels (BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT)

  1. Business
  2. Business (Marketing)
  3. Business (International Business)
  4. Business (Information Systems)

Preparation program for Magistracy

  1. Management (after completion you’ll get the diploma)
  2. Management (you’ll get the certificate)

Educationally-qualifying levels “Master”

  1. Business Management (Full-time education)
  2. Global Entrepreneurship


  1. “International Tourism” Certificate (Full-time education)
  2. “Business English” Graduate Certificate

Length of educational programs:

  • Business Management (Magistracy, Full-time education): Duration is 1 year
  • Global Entrepreneurship (Magistracy): Duration – 3 years
  • Business (BA): Duration – 3 years
  • Business (Marketing – Bachelor): Duration – 4 years
  • Business (International Business – Bachelor): Duration – 4 years
  • Business (Information Systems – Bachelor): Duration – 4 years
  • Management (educational program for master’s degree – after the completion you’ll get the diploma): duration – 1 year
  • Management (educational program for master’s degree – after all you’ll get the certificate): Duration – 1 semester
  • “International Tourism” Certificate (Full-time education): Duration – 1 year
  • Graduate Certificate “Business English” – duration – 2 years

Average tuition fee is € 6500 per year. Price should be confirmed upon the request.

Accommodation on campus:

Temple Bar Campus is located in the heart of Dublin and offers students the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the cultural and social life of the city. There are many vibrant cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and theaters at the heart of Dublin. Improved rail, bus and tram stops ensure easy movement within Dublin and beyond.

About the author: Ann Scot is a freelance writer, who is crazy about travelling and sport. She likes to learn something new, swimming and listening to indie music.

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