The interview is not a test, not an interrogation, but it is not a simple matter. You have to understand that this interview is not an exam. And, for example, you will not be asked to list the five main features of a market economy you. But, about the financial crisis in Russia and Germany (if you choose the economic specialty) – it is a possible variant.

The expert recommends listening carefully about what exactly you are asked and answer brief and to the point. It should also pay attention to the names and positions of members of the commission. “There may even be a professor from whom you will learn. Then you should be particularly attentive to his questions, to understand what he wants to know,” – says Thomas Prahl.

According to Thomas Prahl, in an interview, it is important to be able to justify the decision to study in Germany. At the same time, he said, it is absolutely unacceptable to blame the poor conditions in their own country or university.

“Back in the 1990s, it could be an argument: the situation with education in many countries of Eastern Europe has been really difficult. But today speak badly about the country – do not do this, – says the expert. – And even if your university has really bad library, this disadvantage can be offset by reading the sources on the Internet. ”

You need to have an idea of the fund from which you would like to get a scholarship, to understand whether your goals coincide with the principles of this organization. “For us it is important that people interested in politics, was ready to take responsibility, both in the profession and in private or public life. So we are interested not just good students or scholars, and those who want to play an active role in society “- explains Ulla Siebert.

At the end of the interview you have to “lead”, usually at this time the candidates provide an opportunity to ask questions of the commission. If you ask about, and do something that is not necessary – it is bad. “It is better not to ask meaningless questions. It will only produce a negative impression,” – says Thomas Prahl.

Well, the interview is over. You politely say goodbye and wait for the commission’s decision.

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