Religious studies is a field that encompasses many other sciences like social ones and humanities. Some of the writing formats you may encounter are presented below:

  1. Study a philosophical discourse. Philosophy of religion is perhaps one of the easiest disciplines to pin down. It borrows much from the approach as well – arguments, discussions, style of writing, critical analysis. You may find it helpful to combine the ethical and theological fields into one to produce excellent work.
  2. Study the New Testament. New Testament analysis can be either literary or linguistic, depending on the type of course you wish to take, and the writing is based on source materials and textual analysis that tend to be combined into one. This is a very wide field for writing as it deals with the social scientific analysis too, such as exploring rituals, traditions and the demographic materials.
  3. Learn about gender. You can engage in writing that is based on women’s studies. In this case, start learning more about the subject matter, that is a status of a woman in the past, comparing it to the modern days, theological approach in gender studies, or any of the above. Try finding as many sources as possible, as they all present the type of religious writing you are dealing with.
  4. Follow the structure. All papers on religion comprise of the single structure: a general introduction, where the thesis of the work is discovered, an argumentative body, with views that support or contradict the main point, and the conclusion, of which the final thought is the most important. Following this pattern, you will produce an excellent paper that is laconic and well thought.
  5. Know the style. When writing a paper on religion, Chicago and MLA formatting styles are often required. However, there may be some exceptions to the rule, so you have to consult your teacher as to the best possible style on bibliographies and in-text citations. Make sure that you are able to handle various styles with ease, and that the general conventions allow formatting according to the type of research you wish to conduct.

It goes without saying that writing a paper on religion can be complex as the sources and materials are versatile. However, if you take the abovementioned directions seriously, you can produce an excellent piece of work that will make your teacher proud!

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