All who wish to learn the language of international communication, the question “which way to learn English is better?” arises. Learn it yourself, enroll in courses or hire a personal teacher? The right choice can save you money and time. Let’s try to figure the pros and cons of group courses.

English courses in groups have its advantages:

  1. The competition in the group will spur you to achieve the best results. Working in a group makes it easy to improve communication skills. You will be talking a lot. The main thing is not to turn to your native language in the process of hot discussion.
  2. Affordable price is another nice advantage of courses. Group lessons cost less than individual ones.
  3. Lessons in the group suggest different group tasks that are difficult to perform alone or even impossible. You will be able to develop the skills to work in a team with different people and work with them in a live dialogue using studied material.
  4. You can learn from the mistakes of your classmates.
  5. Communicative individuals will enjoy live chat and meeting new people. You can meet interesting friends.

Group courses have their drawbacks.

  1. It is hard for shy people to express their thoughts in English before an audience. Bolder and talkative classmates may hinder you to communicate with the teacher, you have to wait for your turn to speak.
  2. In addition, the group is sometimes made of people with different levels of proficiency. Yes, the same Pre-Intermediate level is different in each person: someone has problems with grammar, someone has a very modest vocabulary. You depend on how your classmates will learn, so in a weak group training period may be longer.
  3. Usually, fee for missed classes will not be refunded. You pay only for the time and place of the lesson. Learning cannot be stopped: If you have to miss part of the course, the group goes forward, and you have to catch up missed material independently or in individual lessons with your teacher. Sometimes courses provide an opportunity catch up with missed classes with other students, but it happens rarely.
  4. Conventional courses will not prepare you for the interview, or work in the international financial services company.

About the author: Tony Shine likes shopping, language learning and speaking about history. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball and tennis.

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