On admission to the University of Cambridge domestic students usually faced with a serious problem: “How to choose the right college,” The fact that the system of the Cambridge colleges, similar to Oxford, is radically different from that adopted in other high schools in Europe and the former Soviet Union. After serving on the faculty or classes in the lab, the student spends most of his free time in college; the same goes public, sports and everyday life of the student. Each Cambridge College is a separate structure in which there are dormitories, a library, computer center, lectures housing, sports and gyms, park, dining room, choir, theater, music room, chapel and more. Choosing a college you are, in fact, you choose for themselves their circle of friends and lifestyle. That is why it is crucial to choose the college that best suits your taste.

Campus, museums and libraries of Cambridge

University campus includes the faculties, colleges, dormitories, research centers and institutes, occupies a considerable part of the city. Once in the University of Cambridge, the visitor spellbound can walk from one of the ancient building to another, enjoying the general atmosphere of the medieval university. In this sense, Cambridge University with its numerous parks, lawns, fields and rivers is not inferior to Oxford University. Cambridge University has 114 libraries. Central is the university library, which holds more than 8 million books and manuscripts in different languages. University Library is the national library of the country, which means that it receives a copy of each book, which is published in the UK. Unlike the British or the Bodleian Library, most of the books of the Cambridge University Library is freely available and can be taken home. Libraries are also in each college and department. Many of them are open around the clock, which greatly facilitates the students to life in preparation for the session. Cambridge has 8 major museums. The greatest interest is museum with exhibits collections of ancient and modern art. In addition, the city has a museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Zoology, History of Science, Scott Polar museum and a beautiful botanical garden.

The development of students’ career Cambridge

Cambridge degree is an excellent tool for further employment in the most prestigious areas of science and business. In this University graduates helps special service Career. In the center you can find special publications and manuals on resume writing, filling out questionnaires, finding a job, etc.
About the Author: Benedict Rey is a student. He writes for the university press. He has been to Amsterdam. Therefore, he starts his new articles about the bicycle trips.

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