Are you young and intelligent person but you don’t know what to do after school and which way to choose? There are many attractive variants but in order to become a successful specialist it would be better to finish one of the higher educational institutions. It’s common knowledge that nowadays European education is one of the most popular and qualitative one. So, we would like to show you advantages of education in such beautiful and picturesque country as Czech Republic.

There are 26 state and 46 private higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. Many public universities offer free education for foreign students, who wish to study in the Czech language, nevertheless, in the following years the government plans to introduce a small fee. I can’t but mention that you have to pay for the education in foreign (usually English) languages. Along with large public universities, there is a wide choice of different specialties in the Czech Republic, and great amount of private universities. Due to closer contacts with professional practitioners in some areas (economy, business) than the large state universities, they rely on interdisciplinary training and the close relationship between theory and practice. You can choose universities in Prague, Ostrava, Brno and other cities. Some of them currently have gained a high rating and recognition in the field of economics, finance, banking, etc. Owning to the fact that their graduates are better prepared from a practical point of view (a mandatory part of a six-month training practice), they often have a better chance of employment than graduates of large state universities. Universities of the Czech Republic are characterized by high competition in the specialty field of law and medicine. But to study in these departments is not easy. And even if you entered and graduated from high school in these areas, you have difficulties in finding a job. The most promising specialties for admission, job search and employment opportunities in the Czech Republic are a specialty with the technical, economic bias.

Most of the foreign students, who have decided to study in the Czech Republic, usually select universities in Prague. This is despite the fact that the cost of living in the Czech capital is higher than in smaller cities such as Ostrava or Brno. Why? Everybody has his own reasons. But the main factor is the wide range of universities and specialties, which other Czech city can not boast. All most prestigious public and private universities of the Czech Republic are located in Prague. For example, famous Charles University, Banking Institute, Prague University of Economics, Institute of Hotel and many others. Education in Prague is also popular because in the big city students can really easily find short-term jobs. As a rule, many guys are working in the service sector – couriers, pizza delivery, packers in supermarkets, etc. This allows them to partially cover the costs of accommodation and meals.

So as you see, great amount of applicants prefer education of the Czech Republic. Don’t hesitate! Choose one of the most appropriate universities and become a successful professional!

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