If you want to get prestigious higher education in one of the countries of European Union and don’t know which place to order exactly, we advise you to pay special attention to Slovakia. In recent years, the popularity of this wonderful European country among foreign students is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, training in Slovakia is substantial and compelling benefits to other EU countries. Among many very important conditions for life and education of foreign students now Slovakia, for example, is well ahead of its nearest neighbors Poland and the Czech Republic. And, actually, in the European Union there is no other country where living conditions and education of students would be so comfortable and prosperous.

Slovak public universities are willing to open their door not only to foreign students with documents about entering the high school, but also offer opportunities for learning young professionals with domestic bachelor and master degrees.

What are the main advantages of studying in Slovakia? Why there is such a comfortable life for students? What is the system of higher education in Slovakia? Since 2014 studying for all foreign students in all the public universities in Slovakia, provided training in the Slovak language, is absolutely free. Most public universities require a certificate of state standard of knowledge of the Slovak language from foreign students, which can be obtained only at the preparatory courses, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia. Today, training in Slovakia is no longer a privilege of the rich and noble people and became an absolute reality for every average person from any country – the best reality which parents can give their children, and adults to choose for a successful career.

Higher education in the Slovak Republic complies with the best European and world standards. Diplomas obtained in higher state educational institutions of Slovakia, recognized and don’t require further confirmation, not only in the European Union, but also in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other several countries. Prestigious European education in Slovakia – is not only a world-level degree, the quality of knowledge and excellent command of foreign languages, but also bright prospects for a successful career. In compare with many EU countries in Slovakia foreign entrants have the right to enroll in state universities without any additional certification. For those who have a very serious attitude to the studying abroad, and who intend to build a successful career in the EU, we advise to choose public universities. We must recognize the fact that in the EU major employers and recruitment agencies still have doubts concerning the diplomas of private higher educational institutions.

A very important advantage of studying in Slovakia Slovakia is that it’s an ecologically clean and picturesque country, this is “pearl of Europe” with beautiful natural landscapes. Well-developed infrastructure throughout Slovakia for practicing of sports and tourism is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Everybody will fall in love with Slovakia! This friendly country with pleasure will open its arms to you and give unforgettable moments of peace, relaxation and tranquility!

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