It’s common knowledge that being a student is not easy. It requires a lot of efforts and a strong will. Nevertheless, student life is always exciting and full of interesting events. Nowadays there are a lot of high educational institutions all over the world but the most popular ones are colleges and universities. It’s not a secret that a great amount of applicants prefer Europe as a centre of education. So, we have decided to make a list of the most well-known universities of the capital of Czech Republic. Everybody knows that Prague is not just one of the most picturesque cities but also is a great educational center. Have a look on the best universities of this beautiful place!

Charles University

Today, Charles University is one of the modest and most prestigious universities, which enrolled more than 42,000 students from 48 countries. The university has 17 faculties, of which 14 are located in Prague, two in Hradec Kralove and one in Plzen. Students have an opportunity to study such fields as medicine, education, pharmacy, philosophy, mathematics and physics, law, humanities, theology and sports.

Higher School of Economics in Prague

Higher School of Economics in Prague carries out an active and long-term cooperation with many foreign universities in the framework of international cooperation. Currently, the university has nearly 100 partners worldwide. There are such faculties as Faculty of Finance and Accounting; Faculty of International Relations; Department of Economics of the enterprise; Faculty of Informatics and Statistics; Department of the national economy; Faculty of Management.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

It is the oldest technical university in Central Europe. There are trained 22,934 students in Czech and English languages.

Graduate School of Chemical Technology

At 4 faculties trained more than 4,000 students yearly. Every year there supply 2,500 people for bachelor, master programs and 550 in doctoral studies.

Czech Technical University

It is the main Czech institution of higher education in the field of agriculture, founded in 1925. It appeared after the separation from the Czech Technical University specialties associated with agriculture. It consists of such faculties as department of microbiology, food and natural resources; faculty of forestry and wood processing; department of thee; faculty of engineering; department of economics; institute of tropics and subtropics; institute for advanced studies.

Banking Institute in Prague

During the training students receive in-depth knowledge of theoretical bases and get acquainted with the practical problems of banks, various forms of banking and financial operations, activities typical of the area of information systems and information technology.

Institute of hotel business in Prague

This university is the higher education institution specializing in the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism business. Prague Institute of Hospitality Management provides its students with everything needed for success.

University of Finance and Administration

Institute is the first private university of economic trends in the Czech Republic, providing doctoral program.

Graduate School of Commerce

It offers its students training in the tourism and business executives, based on extensive experience and practice in these areas.

New York University

New York University provides training on two systems Bachelor: American and European. The US program offers an opportunity to get an American education, while staying in the Czech Republic.

Choose one of these popular universities and dive into amazing student life!

About the Author: Anny Madison is perfect freelanced writer who creates various interesting articles about Education, social life, culture and art. Her papers are extremely useful not just for students but also for professors and for everyone who want to be in trend. She finished one of the leading European universities and nowadays gives excellent advices for students.


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