Today we are going to describe all the advantages of getting higher education in such beautiful country as Hungary. If you are a young person who doesn’t know which country or university to choose for future years, this article is written specially for you. We are going to open you information about European education and secrets of the professional success. The first university in the history of the Hungary was founded in Pest in 1367. During the years of socialism, there was established an extensive system of higher education in the country. In recent years, Hungary actively rebuilt it under European standards. The transition to the European system of degrees and credits was completed as a whole in 2006 year.
Currently training at universities takes from four to six years. Students are awarded bachelor and master degrees. In particular, it is necessary to study 6-8 semesters and dial 180-240 credits for a bachelor degree. Master degree requires 2-4 semesters. For the doctoral degree is necessary to study for three years and gain 180 credits. The training enabled the scientific work also. Enrollment of foreign students, as a rule, requires knowledge of the Hungarian language or the passage of a year-long training course for its study. Nowadays the Hungarian higher education system consists of 18 state universities, one private university, 12 public colleges, 26 religious schools and 9 colleges operated by public foundations. The activities of all educational institutions are controlled by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Hungary.
The organization which is responsible for the distribution of scholarships in Hungary is the Hungarian Scholarship Board. Foreign students have a great opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships. In particular, grants are available for teaching on undergraduate programs in the Hungarian language and literature for up to three years. You can also receive a scholarship for tuition in Hungary on the master program (provided that the applicant is already studying in his home country). The scholarship covers the period of study up to 10 months, a candidate who wants to receive it should not be older than 35 years. Graduate students from other countries can obtain a scholarship to study for a doctoral degree. To do this, they must already be enrolled in graduate school. The scholarship covers education for three years. The age limit for applicants is till 40 years. I can’t but mention that exchanges students have the opportunity to work in the libraries or in the dormitories, abut they cannot work more than twenty hours per week. Speaking about PhD programs, I should mention that such students have to be linked to scientific research.
In addition, all the universities in Hungary provide high-quality education and help people to develop their professional and personal skills in order to achieve best results not just in studying but also in the future career. It’s not a secret that everybody wants to become a successful personality and an excellent specialist. Higher schools give us support and good fundament for the life in modern society.
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