It’s not a secret that Netherlands is the heart of Europe; it recognized the cultural, commercial and scientific center. It is a country of entrepreneurs, which gave the world many famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners, and a variety of well-known achievements in various fields. Therefore it is not a surprise that the Holland has become a pioneer and undisputed leader in continental Europe in the field of higher education in the English language. Since the middle of last century, the country’s universities offer English-language undergraduate programs, graduate and postgraduate studies in various fields of human knowledge.

Universities of Holland, the walls of which have witnessed many scientific discoveries, are famous for its academic traditions. Their modern technological base allows advanced research and creates all the conditions for successful scientific work. Higher education in the Netherlands complies with the stringent international standards and has an excellent reputation in all corners of the globe. Such university diploma gives you the opportunity to start your own business or to build a successful career in an international company. Universities of the Netherlands are in a constant search for new, more effective training methods. A prime example of an innovative approach to education can serve a method of teaching called Problem-Based Learning, invented in the Netherlands in the middle of the last century. Due to this method, students can more fully open their talents and become creative professionals, who are able to cope with any practical problems in their field. Study in the universities of Holland is held in constant communication between students and teachers, which allows learning how to work as a team, helping to expand the horizons and develop the professional identity.

In the Netherlands, students come to study from all over the world. Depending on the university and training programs, their share can reach 40-50%. This allows not only to get acquainted with a variety of foreign languages and traditions, but also helps to adapt to the international atmosphere of international companies. Historically, the trading of this country is spread all over the world, so its citizens speak many foreign languages. More than 95% of the inhabitants of the Netherlands are fluent in English, which makes learning, living and working in this country particularly attractive for foreigners. Courses in English and Dutch have a great popularity there. Due to the favorable tax climate of Holland, many foreign corporations open their branches in this country. So, students of its universities have an opportunity to train in international companies in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as to establish useful business contacts and find work after graduation. Because of its central geographical and economic situation, Netherlands is often called the gateway to Europe. This allows exchange students of universities to meet with European culture, visit famous museums, concerts of pop stars and popular sporting events.

To sum up, I believe that you are clever and intelligent young person, who wants to become a successful professional in specific sphere. Make the right choice and get higher education in the university in Holland.

About the Author: Beam Garter is a professional young writer with creative thinking and ideas, who gives students a great opportunity to learn more information about education and exchange experience. His articles inspire many young people to develop their personal skills and to become successful personalities.

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