Studying in England is prestigious, interesting and popular all over the world. Every year a great amount of international students come to England in order to get quality education! Parents of all young people dream to see their children in the role of students of a British college or university. What is the secret of such popularity?

British certificates, diplomas and degrees are considered the best in the world and certainly the most prestigious. The education received in England is a solid foundation for any career and guarantees a high salary. Have a look on the list of advantages of getting education in England:

  • Due to the most modern methods of teaching, constantly modernizing the equipment of educational institutions and, most importantly, job opportunities, British schools, colleges and universities help unlock the full academic and creative potential of students.
  • The quality of British education is recognized throughout the world. British universities, private schools and language centers are in the “tops” of all educational rankings. Many countries have taken it as a basis for their native model of education.
  • The knowledge gained in the courses of English language, forms the basis for your future career or is the key to a successful study in your own country. All over the world English language is used in business, science, information and technology. Studying in the UK will fully immerse you in the language surrounding and you will easily learn to speak and think in English.
  • Education in the UK is proving to be not much more expensive than education in other countries. The British program to obtain bachelor and master last only 3 and 1 year, respectively, compared with 4 and 2 years in most other countries. Thus, due to the intensity of study is reduced its term, training and living expenses are lower.
  • United Kingdom is a multiethnic and multicultural country. It absorbed the cultural diversity of its former colonies, and many other countries. London, capital of Britain, may serve as an illustration to the thesis of a globalized world. The modern world needs open-minded and educated people!
  • Practice which is proved for centuries! You can trust English educational system! Educational traditions of the United Kingdom, among which, by the way, the tradition of the admission of students from different parts of the planet, appeared during the ancient times.
  • The UK was one of the first countries where first universities were established. Famous Oxford and Cambridge universities quickly gained popularity and fame throughout the world, and gradually evolved into the international educational centers.
  • Each year, the national government allocates huge funds for the development of the education sector and research. There is nearly 5 percent of all scientific research in the world. And British scientists received more Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world except the United States.
  • Constant control! Over the last decade there appeared a great number of various educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, and many new courses and training programs, including special programs for foreigners. All educational institutions (both old and new) are regularly inspected and tested by special public and state institutions.

About the Author: Michael Cooper is an excellent young writer, who always creates very useful and full of exciting facts articles. He is a professional in educational sphere and tries to give practical advices to his readers. His work open new horizons and spread outlook of many thousands of student all over the world.

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