It’s not a secret that education in Germany is of the high quality and many students prefer exactly this system. There are about 400 universities, most of which are state higher educational institutions in Germany. Along with the universities you may also receive education in specialized institutions of higher education. The difference is that the specialized institutions of higher education are more focused on the combination of theory and practice and have a strict training plan. Universities more focus on a scientific approach to learning and are an ideal place for research.

Nowadays there is an opportunity to study in German and English languages. In public institutions of higher education, bachelor’s degree is conducted mostly in German, but there are also exclusive programs in English. Concerning master degree there are specialties that are taught in English, in German or in both languages. The choice of specialties in English is quite wide. If you want to study in English, then you need to give the exam for the surrender of the English language, as a rule, it is TOEFL or IELTS. Studying in Germany for foreigners is extremely attractive for several reasons. First of all, it’s an opportunity to get fundamental higher education in the oldest European universities without entrance examinations; training in Germany suggests choice between German- and English-language programs. Education in Germany allows students to look for jobs in local businesses that open up foreign excellent prospects for a quick job placement after graduation. Diplomas of the international offices of German universities are highly rated by employers in many European countries and the United States. It’s better to get education connected with technical disciplines, such as engineering, construction and electrical. These faculties in the most famous German universities adhere to the classical educational tradition and include great groups of lecturers. Most universities in Germany were transferred to the Bologna system of credit transfer, so foreigners have the opportunity to begin training in the national university, and complete it in German in the same specialty. Speaking about Bachelor degree I should mention that this program is an average of 3 years of study. Upon completion of the program students prepare scientific work and its quality is evaluated by the special commission. You have chance to receive a bachelor degree not only in the state but also in private universities accredited by the Ministry of Education, as well as in professional academy. The holder of bachelor’s degree may continue higher education at universities in Germany or other countries where the diploma is officially recognized. Education in Germany for master degree lasts for 1-2 years, depending on the specialty. Every university has its own special rules for applicants. Usually, it is required not just the highest scores from the language testing, but also all students have to show great results in all the disciplines which they studied and a bachelor diploma.

We believe that you are very creative and clever applicant. You have all necessary skills to be a member of one of the leading universities in Germany. Don’t lose your chance!


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