One of the most developed countries in Europ, due to space, nuclear and metallurgical complex, is the French Republic. Modern people understand that it’s necessary to travel and explore the mentality of other countries. Nowadays many of us are looking for a way to live in Europe as an insider, and try to find a place for an education or work. Education in France has a number of advantages which include unique faculties and specialization, the European level of teaching and quality diplomas. Certificates of passed elective also have a huge weight to employers. Higher education in France is considered to be on the top level, so you should be very careful in choosing of profession and the university. Being a modern country, France rightly understands the idea of European integration and creates equal conditions and rights for all students. It doesn’t matter in in which country you live – everything from entrance exams to the life in dormitory will be on general principles. Grants and incentives are also distributed between the indigenous French and foreigners. Thanks to this study in France is becoming more attractive from year to year.

There are many educational programs in English. For the rest, it becomes possible to study the national language with the help of a live environment and communication with local citizens who know real native traditions. In any case, higher education is no longer limited by a perfect knowledge of the French language. By European standards, the cost of studying in France is very low, thus expanding the horizons of opportunities for students.

There are about eighty universities in France and education there consists of three cycles.

The first cycle lasts two years, after which students receive a diploma DUT or DEUG.

During the first cycle students are getting a bachelor degree, which is awarded to the graduates of the school. Bachelor degree varies in different fields and you are able to continue further education only in the same field. Education in the areas of medicine and pharmacology has the feature to go from the first year to the second, we must not simply pass the examination, but to get good grades and go through serious competition. Future doctors and pharmacists who have not passed this contest allowed repeating the first year, but only once. The second cycle lasts three years. But after the second year of this cycle you can receive the master degree. After two years of study in the second cycle you can apply for the third cycle. You also have chance to study for three years and receive a diploma, for example, of an engineer. The third cycle includes specialized training plus research and lasts usually one year.

In addition, there are also higher schools in France, which are not only public but also private. High schools are generally more prestigious than the universities, and they have more difficult competition. Some higher schools only accept students who have to wean the first cycle of the university. The higher schools prepare teachers, engineers, librarians, government officials, political scientists and economists, military, managers, veterinarians, architects, artists, musicians and artists.

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