Today I’m going to tell you about all the features of the higher education in Finland. For a long time, this northern country with sternly beautiful nature and high quality of life attracts immigrants from the whole world. If you are really interesting in getting excellent education, this paper is especially for you!

Finland offers good opportunities for training in various specialties in higher educational institutions. The population of this country is characterized by high level of education. In particular, such subjects as information technology, biotechnology, forestry and ecology, architecture and design are very spread there. In order to promote international exchange and attraction of foreign students, the universities of Finland has developed a number of training programs in English. Now there are nearly 400 such programs. In total, the country has about 20 thousands foreign students. In Finland, there are two types of higher education institutions – universities and polytechnics. Polytechnics are regional higher institutions that emphasize vocational training for the benefit of the country.

This country has 20 state universities, including 10 multidisciplinary universities, three technical universities, three high schools of economics and management, as well as four Academies of Arts and the National Defense College. The total number of students is about 176 thousand people now. All universities are controlled by the Ministry of Education of Finland. Training is conducted in Finnish or Swedish (in some programs) and English. In addition, there are 26 polytechnics in the structure of the Ministry of Education. Six of them are managed and funded by regional administrations; seven – Municipal Department of Education and more than 13 are private. The necessary conditions for admission are a certificate of secondary education or a certificate of enrollment in higher education, professional qualification or equivalent level of education obtained in foreign universities.

The International Office offers a small number of scholarships for foreign students, and promotes teaching of Finnish language and culture, organizes summer courses of Finnish language and culture for international students. Scholarships are available in the first post-graduate students who have a master degree. Scholarships for higher education are not granted for bachelor level.

In order to obtain quality higher education in Finland you need to follow several requirements such as:

  • Good knowledge of English and Finnish language approved by the international exams.
  • If you act on the undergraduate program, you need the school leaving certificate and an insert with a translation into Finnish or English.
  • After the competition based on the selection of documents applicants are invited to the entrance examinations. Specific rules for admission to universities in Finland are not needed, so the details of receipts are required to specify in advance at selected universities.
  • Education in Finland is free, but there are exceptions for certain bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, where instruction is in English.

Owning to the fact that education in Finland is extremely popular nowadays, many young people try to do their best to become a member of the on of its universities and to get perfect knowledge in certain field or area.

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