We are going to show you many advantages of getting higher education in Denmark. It’s common knowledge that Denmark is a special country, which offers to its citizens and students from other countries quality life, clean environment and an attractive business environment with high standards in education and research. In Denmark, you will receive qualification that is recognized by employers in all developed countries. Most Danes speak English, so students who are willing to study in Denmark will have easy life even if they do not know the Danish language.

Danish universities offer more than 1,300 programs in English, beginning with the summer courses and exchange programs, and ending with the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and Academies programs (two-year bachelor-level courses). More than 500 of them lead to international diplomas. Many universities in the country offer free higher education programs for students from the European Union, as well as for those who come to study in Denmark on the exchange basis from the whole world. Citizens of countries outside the EU, have to pay for their studies at the universities. Cost of the education in Denmark for full-time programs ranges from 6 to 16 thousand euro per year, but in the country there are a number of scholarship programs to help foreign students to pay for their studies in Danish universities.

In universities of Denmark, there are scholarship programs for foreign students living both within the EU and beyond. For example, programs Nordplus and Erasmus are available exclusively to Europeans, while Erasmus Mundus grants are eligible for students from countries outside the EU. Holders of US citizenship may also take advantage of scholarships Fulbright Commission. Capable of students from other countries can also apply for grants of the Danish government. This is especially true of those who seek to study in depth the language and culture of the country and integrate into Danish society.

Each year the number of visitors in Denmark, students as well as researchers and scientists is growing, which shows the attractiveness of education in this Scandinavian country. Danish higher schools are focused on international requirements and offer training on the most advanced specializations in English.

Advantages of the education in Denmark:

  • High quality education: the educational system in Denmark is recognized as one of the best in the world
  • A wide selection of promising specialties
  • Education in English
  • Low cost of living – EUR 300 in the dormitory
  • An opportunity to have a work during the training: during training and vacations students have the right to work. The average salary of a student is 13 EUR per hour

Denmark is a country almost universal literacy. Among adults, the illiteracy rate is less than 1%. The education system in Denmark is controlled by the state government. The general principles established by state education authorities. All secondary and higher education institutions are mostly public, subordinate to the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Culture. If you have a strong will to study in Denmark, don’t hesitate! As a result, you will receive really the highest educational level.

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