Do you think that to study in Austria is absolutely impossible for foreign students? Conversely, universities of this country are much more affordable than universities in many other states. First of all, you can become a member of university in Austria without examinations. All you need – is education, appropriate to the Austrian average, and access to training on the chosen specialty in the country. Simply put, at least 2 years of higher education in your native country and a certificate from the home institution which shows the possibility to continue studying there. Moreover, there is an opportunity to enroll to Austrian university even after schools for foreigners but it depends on the own politic of every university. The level of quality of the Austrian education is known not just in Europe. Austria has given the world many outstanding scientists. The main principle of its education – “freedom in education”. In Austrian universities, students not only have the right to choose the educational disciplines, themes, projects and dissertations, but also set deadlines for exams. The academic year is divided into two semesters.

Speaking about the world rankings, the Austrian universities, again located in the center. The top positions take mainly Britain and the United States universities, where education is much more expensive. Due to this fact, Austrian universities look particularly more attractive for many students.

Last on the list, but not the least important factors is quality of the life in Austria. This includes the good attitude of the population, the cleanliness of the streets, a great environment. We can read and talk for many hours about this beautiful country, but seeing at least once, it is impossible to remain indifferent and do not fall in love with this small mountainous country.

Term of training provided by the curriculum is from 3 to 6 years. But these terms are laid only a small part of the students because training system gives students the freedom of choice in attending lectures and individual schedule of exams. Here it all depends on the self-organization of every student. The actual period of studies often exceeds deadlines in 2 times.

Austria, like other European countries, has moved to the Bologna system. Therefore, training for most professions (except, for example, medicine) is divided into undergraduate or graduate. Prior to receiving the first qualifying degree – a bachelor – have to learn a minimum of 3 years. To deepen their knowledge in a master degree, you will spend at the university for at least more 2 years.

In addition, nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to study in any country of Europe. Government of the European Union tries to help young people with creative and unique skills to become successful professionals in different spheres. They bring into life various programs which offer free education for talented applicants. The leaders of every country expect that this clever generation will improve our social life and develop every field of human being. So, make your own research in internet and find the program you prefer most of all others.


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