Choosing a topic

When choosing a topic, remember one article equals one topic. Another important aspect is that the topic should be interesting, familiar and relevant to you personally. In addition, it should be focused on your target audience, i.e., on those people, who need and who subsequently will use the information from your article.

If your goal is to write an article for media, you must first analyze the subject and style of a magazine or newspaper, its target audience. Write an article that would be sustained in the style of the publication. If there is not your target audience among the target audience of the magazine, do not waste time and effort. Look for appropriate publications and their readers, who can become your customers.

Choosing the title

When choosing the title it’s important not to overdo it and stick to the golden mean. You should not be too original, but also it is not necessary to roll on banality. Title of the article should interest readers, kindle the curiosity, to awaken the desire to know what’s next.

There are several rules of good title:

The title should attract attention. It’s important

It is important to arouse curiosity and motivate to read the article.

Note: the articles, whose names contain the hint and hope to meet the needs or solve the problem, attract the most attention. If you “reveal all the cards” in the title, then reading will not be such interesting and useful. Your task is to give a hint, to intrigue, inspire for reading. Title does not ask or suggest, it attracts and claims.

The title should be read with a single look. If you are choosing between long and short name, select the second one. You should use words which are understandable and commonly used by the target audience for whom the article is written. If you are going to write article for your site, use the keyword in the title. It is not necessary to add emotional words to the title. You have not to forget about the spelling rules. Besides, it is not necessary to use capital letters in the title. It certainly gives the emotion, but in this case, it seems that the author is screaming or he/she is aggressive.

About the author: Nina Samarth is a freelancer, whose life is to travel, learn about foreign cultures and write articles. She likes watching films about animals, play with kids and speak on philosophical topics.

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