Exeter Student Guild has been organizing special cultural events and programs for university students. These programs include the activities of the International Student Society, and a variety of clubs, highlighting the culture and customs of the peoples of the world. The university has 150 student societies and clubs, all of which will welcome into its ranks new students. Here is a short list of student societies and clubs: Archaeological Society, Musical Society, the Geological Society, a literary society, a society photographer, society skiing and even chocolate lovers society. On the territory of all three campuses regularly famous musical groups make performances.
University of Exeter is an excellent choice for sports fans. The university has everything you need to practice the following sports: cricket, golf, hockey, netball, rowing, rugby, sailing, squash, surfing and tennis. The campus has a covered area for the game of cricket and swimming pool.

Student Accommodation

International students are offered places at university (first-year undergraduate programs) and they can apply for housing until July 31 (guaranteed student housing). Accommodation is provided by the university. It has a strict sanitary and hygienic inspection that is operated by the university administration.
New foreign students from countries outside the EU, who intend to be trained under the program of the second higher education, are guaranteed to get student housing in the first year. To this end, their application for a place in a hostel and tuition deposit of £ 2,500 to be received receiving University Commission until 31 July. The proposed housing includes both rooms in hostels and rooms with cooking and private bath in the private sector, allowing for the possibility of family accommodation. Students are given the opportunity to select housing with individual bathroom or adjacent areas.
Costs Exeter University on books for libraries, journals and electronic resources by 35% higher than the size of the average British student costs. The libraries of university students have for more than 1.2 million books, 1,733 places for training and 1,000 desktop computers, which can be accessed throughout the day.
About the author: Lora Benet is an athlete in the past. Now she works as a trainer in one of the biggest fitness center in Texas. Her hobby is writing. She has her own blog where she gives rather sound pieces of advice.

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