In order to study in Germany you have to pass a language exam – for example, TestDaF. The employee of Institute TestDaF, who is responsible for test development, told us its features.

Along with DSH TestDaF is the most common language examinations, which is given to foreign students who plan to study in Germany. Gabriele Kecker, Head of the Institute TestDaF, which has been compiling examination tests, in an interview with us told what to do for when preparing for this test.

How best to prepare for language exams – with a tutor or courses?

Gabriele Kecker: TestDaF exam is conducted in 95 countries. Therefore, it always depends on the conditions of the country of an applicant for a certificate. Sometimes there is the opportunity to attend courses, and sometimes not even a language school, which would be able to organize them. For these reasons, we have built our website so that everyone has access to free materials for exam preparation. There are, among other things, sample tests with all tasks, audio files with text for listening, as well as tips on what to do for when performing tasks.

On our website there is a page where each country has a list of language centers and the dates on which they have training courses. In Russia it is, for example, is the Goethe Institute in Moscow.

What is particularly important in preparing for the oral part of the exam?

The oral part means that you speak with the examiner (on the computer). Many feel uncomfortable at the same time. Therefore it is better to practice at least once at home – download from our website and write the answers on tape. So you can get rid of the fear of the microphone and get used to the unusual situation.

You have to be prepared for the fact that the exam in the same room for a lot of people sitting near computer. And everyone will be talking at the same time. Of course, everybody has great headphones, but you must learn to concentrate on response. It is also important to learn to make notes before answering. But you do not need to write the whole sentences, but only keywords – it is simply not enough time.

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