Nowadays it is very popular to be a student of one of the leading European universities. It’s not a secret that German education is one of the best all over the world. In order, to give you an opportunity to evaluate some German universities, we have written a list of the best universities of Germany. Selection of institutions of higher education in Germany is so vast that give unconditional preference to any of the nearly four hundred universities is not easy even for local students. What can we say about the foreigners who before feeding documents into one or another university must take into account further details, including languages such as admission requirements, job prospects abroad after graduation, the opportunity to find accommodation for the period of study, etc?

Among the universities in Germany can be found private universities also, but foreigners, certainly primarily are interested in public higher education institutions, many of which take first places in the world’s rating, while the cost of education in them is purely symbolic ─ student fee is not more than 300 -500 euro per semester. We have selected from the list of the best American universities only five state universities, which are the most respected and popular both in Germany and abroad and we hope that the review of the main benefits will be useful for future entrants.

University of Münster

It is one of the largest of German universities. The number of his students exceeds 40 thousand people, and sometimes is even close to 45 thousand. Students are able to study there such disciplines as musicology and politics, home economics, european ethnology and sport, languages ─ Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Latin.

Heidelberg University

It is known by a number of major institutions which are in its structure. These are Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Institute of South Asian Center for Cancer Research, based at the University Hospital, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and others. The best among the faculties for several centuries is Faculty of Law. However, others also occupy high positions in national rankings ─ faculty of medicine, history, pedagogy, mathematics, physics.

University of Leipzig

Its main attraction is the oldest library in Germany, whose fund has more than 4.5 million volumes and more than 8.5 thousand of periodical papers. At the University of Leipzig students are offered the program for a variety of specialties, but the most popular among students are such areas as economics and computer science.

Martin Luther University in Halle

It’s possible to study various disciplines there such as biology, computer science, agriculture, engineering, geology, jurisprudence, but the basic profile of the university is connected with the humanities.

Free University of Berlin

It refers to the number of young universities. Many departments are opened in 5 major cities: Moscow, New York, Beijing, New Delhi, and Cairo. The main area of studying in the FU is medicine: teaching theoretical foundations of medical disciplines put in this high school to the highest level, also the practice of future medical students are on the basis of various departments of the world-famous clinic “Charite”.

If you are willing to get knowledge in the higher educational institution, have all necessary skills for studying, don’t lose you chance and try yourself!

About the Author: Kate Peters is known due to her exciting articles about student life and different entertainments. She is an excellent freelanced writer who wants to help young generation and students with their personal development. Her bright papers are full of interesting facts and contain a lot of useful information.

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