Article is …?
An article refers to the analytical genre. The author raises the problem, conducts its analysis and proposes solutions (makes conclusions).
In this article you will learn how to write interesting articles. You will find out which parts article consists of. So, stay with us.

Structure of an article


Title is a phrase indicating the problem that the author proposes to analyze. Title of the article should be concise and clear, attract attention and arouse interest. Titles which contain questions is the best variant. Example: “Is it possible to travel with minimum money in the pockets?”
An example of a bad title: “Cheap travelling.”


Introduction usually is a single paragraph of text that reveals the problem proposed by the author in details, and indicates its importance to the reader. If the title draws the reader’s attention, the introduction should encourage reading the article to the end.
For example, you write an article on the theme of internet education with the title “Should we spend our time on internet education?”
Introduction for an article might look like this: “Majority of people think that online education is the cheapest and the most convenient method to get good knowledge in specific sphere without tuition fees, spending not long hours in front of the computer. But others prefer standard variant of obtaining knowledge, visiting classes and spending a lot of time in colleges or universities.”


The content of the article consists of analysis of the problem from the point of view of the author. You have to bring a different perspective to solve the problem and to choose the most suitable to your mind solution. Article content should also contain examples from personal experience, comments, quotes and etc.
If the article is big the best option is to allocate separate parts and make a subtitle for each one.


Conclusion is one paragraph with your conclusions. For example, in the article about the internet education, you can end your article with conclusion – whether or not to take online courses.
About the author: Joe Chrome is interested in robot technologies, life of wild animals and spaceflights. He likes reading scientific books and articles about the space, watching documentaries and play golf. Joe enjoys walks in green parks and listening to music for meditations.

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