JustMath Lite

JustMath Lite is powerful scientific calculator for Android, which allows you to use expressions in a variety of mathematical functions, fractions, square roots, powers, etc. The expression is written on the tablet as you do it on paper, and it’s not a standard calculator. It is much easier and faster. Moreover, the calculator can use such cycles as for / each.
Well, one of the distinguishing features of the application is the possibility to construct a graph of function and there can be up to four functions on the same graph. You can specify minimum and maximum of functions, view the exact values for any point of the graph, zoom it, etc.


Pifagora is application, which contains several dozen methods of describing how to multiply, divide and raise to the square fast. Having mastered some or all of them you will be able to quickly read and do it entirely without a calculator.

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus is advanced electronic English Dictionary with Thesaurus. It contains about 140 thousand articles with more than 1.4 million words. Each vocabulary entry contains a reference to synonyms, antonyms and related words. Besides, the most common structures with a given word, the correct construction of phrases and sentences are shown.


StartJava is app, which will help you to master the basics of programming on Android. It contains few lessons with step by step explanation of why and what is done when you write a line of code. At each new step small changes of the code are made with a detailed explanation of these actions. It is possible to run the code and see how his work will look in reality.

There Windows-program for there StartJava, allowing you to create new lessons. You can download it from the developer of the application. If you have a desire to share your experiences and knowledge in the area of writing applications for the Android platform, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

GalaxTime lite

GalaxTime lite is the original program that allows you to keep track of time on other planets. Have entered the data for any selected planet, you can see the widget of the current time, year and month. If you enter a date of birth (your or another person), you can see how old you would be if you were living on a particular planet. In addition, you can see the time of day and weather.

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